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2020 BA (H) Animation Showcase

Victoria Adeyelu

Hello! I'm Victoria, a storyboard artist/animator specialising in 2D. For my final year project I created a thesis film called Bubbled. Bubbled follows the story of Zya, her experience with social anxiety and its effect on her relationships. After graduation I hope to mainly focus on storyboarding work, either freelance or in-studio.

Portfolio and contact details: https://victoriaadeyelu.wixsite.com/portfolio

Aya Agar

I'm Aya, an animator from Leeds, specialising in 2D hand-drawn animation and visual development. My passion lies in telling character driven stories and I hope to one day be able to direct my own animated films. For my final year project, I worked on a thesis film about a young girl trying to bring her cat back from the dead. After graduation I am seeking work in a studio, either as an animator, storyboard artist or visual development artist.

Portfolio and contact details: https://pinkwitchcult.weebly.com/

Khairun-Nisaa Ahmed

I specialise in 2D animation. My interests in animation vary from hand drawn animation to puppet animation. For my final year project, I made a thesis filmed entitled "Toasty" about an abandoned kitten, named Toasty, found by a teen, who takes the kitten home only to discover that her new found friend has a hidden secret. After graduation my aim is to work as an animator or continue with postgraduate study. I have already produced a great deal of my own work and entered a number of animation competitions.

Portfolio and contact details: https://surreal-k.wixsite.com/website

Bethany Aldous

I am primarily a 3D animator with a focus on character animation. For my third-year project I made a short mockumentary about the Grim Reaper. I'm hoping to be able to go into 3D animation after graduation.

Portfolio and contact details: https://bethanyaldous.weebly.com/

Phoenix Almeida-Amir

I always want to make fun, energetic animations that are as enjoyable to watch as they are to create. So for my final year project, I created a film about a mecha fight scene. The thesis film was my first film to be animated fully in 3D. After graduation, I am hoping to work for the games industry, continuously making cool animations.

Viktor Berkita

On this course, I chose to specialise in developing 3D environments and interiors. I have an interest in LookDev, creating scenes in photo real style. For my final year project, I chose to create a New Orleans scene, based in the 1900s. This project includes an interior scene of a bar and two city street exteriors. I used Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop and Substance Designer to create the scenes. In the future I plan to go into VFX and would like to work in film or TV series.

Kathryn Chorley

Hi! I am a 2D animator and CelAction rigger/animator based in North West England. For my final year project, I created a short film "The Seance". The premise is a request set in my protagonist Eliza's mother's will, and to her uncles' dismay, Eliza's scepticism of spiritualism is clear. She refuses to take it seriously but for reasons you may not expect... Keep updated on my social media @PaintSplatKat and via my website for a trailer and the official release! After university I want to work in children's TV animation, specifically using CelAction. I love animating characters that convey energy and emotion as well as illustrating and designing simple yet distinctive characters.

Portfolio and contact details: https://kathrynchorley.wixsite.com/home

Charis Dussek

Preferring to work in an exaggerated, playful style, I am particularly interested in children's media, having developed a confident skillset in 3D character animation and 3D modelling, as well as a strong knowledge of film language and storytelling principles. For my final year project I produced a short film: "Trapeze" about a clumsy clown who dreams of being a graceful trapeze artist. The film is aimed at a primary-school-aged audience and has helped me develop my animating and storytelling skills, as well as giving me a general understanding of the animation pipeline. I am now seeking an entry level 3D animation/generalist job or internship.

Portfolio and contact details: http://charisdussek.weebly.com/

Emily Feek

I am a 2D animator who primarily works using Adobe Illustrator, TVPaint, Photoshop and Premiere. My main focus within the 2d animation pipeline revolves around background design and story-telling. For my final year project, I created a short film aimed at both children and adults that revolves around the importance of preserving our nature and wildlife for future generations. After graduation I intend pursuing a Master's course to further enhance my skills as well as looking for entry-level positions within the 2D animation industry with a particular focus on background design and story-telling for children's animation.

Portfolio and contact details: https://emfanimation.wixsite.com/mysite

Ellen Gordon

I am a creative and ambitious animator with a passion for storytelling and film. My specialisms lie in 3D creature characters and character animation which is shown in my reel. I have an immense interest in story and film theory and actively research and write on these areas. For my final year project I made a short film in which Ursa Minor falls out of the sky, and must adventure to find his way home with the help of a new friend. After graduation I hope to work on challenging story-driven projects as a 3D animator hopefully in a collaborative environment, and to push my skills further. Eventually I aspire to direct stories myself and am always looking to learn more about telling stories better.

Portfolio and contact details: https://www.ejag.net

Megan Grant

I specialise in 3D animation and modelling. For my third year project I produced short animations for my show-reel. I also modelled three characters and a scene to be added into my show-reel and make my animations more personal and unique to me. After I graduate I hope to complete a Masters in Animation and then move on to work as a 3D animator.

Jessica Franczecka Haywood

I specialise in 3D work, focused specifically on modelling and rigging. For my final year project, I made a film about a man who lost his wife to a giant sea monster and his journey for revenge. Unfortunately, because of the current situation with having to work from home, I was unable to finish this project due to hardware limitations. I would love to be able to finish this short film. Moving forward I aim to improve on my skills using whatever free software I can get my hands on, with the end goal of working as a 3D modeller as part of a larger company.

Portfolio and contact details: https://jfhaywood.wixsite.com/animation

Jessica Hannah Hopkinson

I am a lover of all animals and specialise in horse animation. For my final project I animated some basic horse movements, I originally wanted to create an educational video about horses and their care but changed my focus near the end of the year to focus on my animation rather than the limited educational idea I had. I'm thinking I'll apply for a MA in Illustration to practice my more detailed work again; however I want to work freelance in art, animation and photography to continue all of my hobbies rather than a sole focus.

Portfolio and contact details: https://www.jhcreativeartist.com/

Konstantinos Karvountzis

I am Kosta, 21 years old originally from Greece. I specialise in 2D FX but my love for animation as a medium comes from storytelling. For my final project I focused on producing short animations that would help me develop my skills, whether that would be FX, body mechanics or character performance. After graduating I will continue in education to get a postgraduate degree in animation.

Portfolio and contact details: https://kostaskarv614.wixsite.com/kosta

Haowei Liu

I enjoy drawing 2D sketches and silhouettes. In year 3, I researched a lot of information about concept artists, such as the artist's workflow and working environment. I used the summer holiday to communicate and study about concept art skills in Chengdu. My final project is about two themes. The first one is about religious systems. I also added some mythological elements to the background of the story. The character design in the project is my favourite part. The second one is about the orcs. The background of the story happens in the future with technological elements. After graduation, I want to be a concept artist working in a movie and game studio. After I have accumulated enough experience, I want to build my own studio.

Portfolio and contact details: https://liiiu33viii.wixsite.com/website

Kaila Nesukaityte

I prefer semi realistic styles in Animation, such as in "The Last Air Bender" Studio Ghibli movies and even in games like "Overwatch" and a mobile game "They Arcana". I just love the styles and character designs. For the final year my project was based on visual development that included designing characters, environments and props. The story for my project was based on Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses focusing on three main characters Hekate, Persephone and Hades. After graduation I'm hoping to study at Masters level and improve my skills on character design and portfolio for when I look for job as character designer in a animation industry.

Portfolio and contact details: https://knesukaityte98.wixsite.com/mysite

Alex O'Reardon

My name is Alex. I am a 2D animator/ illustrator who draws a lot of spiky things. I'm interested in contemporary, urban and hyper-stylised media. My work is drawn with a clear silhouette in a cubic fashion, with flat colouring or finished in monochrome. My final year project is a six-and-a-half-minute thesis film about a person in a lift. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do after graduating. Because I don't have any faith in my work, I'm going to stick to doing a Masters degree for now and live in ignorant bliss for the next two years.

Portfolio and contact details: https://yggdrsyl.wixsite.com/yggdrsyl

Hiu Yin Poon

Hi, I am a 3D artist based in London, who loves modelling and lighting. I mainly work on building environments and create realistic assets using Maya, and ZBrush. In my final year project, I built two environments featuring a shopping street inspired by retail stores in Japan and an alleyway with neon lights inspired by Hong Kong street scenery. After graduation, I am hoping to work as an environment artist in the UK and also work freelance.

Portfolio and contact details: https://hypphy.wixsite.com/hsojw

Natalie Robinson

I'm a 21 year old Artist and Animator from the UK, specialising in character art and animation. I have a lot of personal characters and am interested in bringing them to life for a story. For my final project I animated characters doing various actions and performances. After graduation I hope to work on my own animated story and work for studios doing 2D animation or possibly more 3D in the future as well.

Portfolio and contact details: https://www.mudavaye.com

Matt Rogers

I am a 2D character animator aiming to push strange and comedic animation with my simplistic characters. The original plan for my final project was to create a film, but due to unforeseen circumstances it was in my best interest to pivot my focus. While I created some nice animation for this project, as a whole, I was unhappy with how it was turning out, which is why I decided to put more focus on my show reel. I am currently considering applying for a 4th year of animation, to diversify my portfolio further.

Portfolio and contact details: https://matthewrogers98.wixsite.com/animation

Alberto Sanchez

I'm a recent animation graduate specialising in 2D animation and character design, with proficiencies in programs like TVPaint and Photoshop. I love to create fun and expressive character animation, as well as dynamic action. I also enjoy creating colourful and stylish characters. For my final year project, I worked on two pitch bbles, focusing on VisDev, character design and illustration, one of my pitch briefs being a refinement of my initial thesis film idea. For the two projects, I wanted to challenge myself to create two ideas with two vastly different art styles, to show my versatility and that I could work in any style. One was aimed at young children with a cutesier, more rounded art style that aimed to teach kids about South American culture. My other project was something closer to my usual style, that was an action series about teenage delinquents that was an attempt to be different to the usual cartoons that are created. After graduation, I'm hoping to enter the animation or games industry as an entry level animator, or perhaps working in the VisDev side of the industry as a character designer.

Portfolio and contact details: https://albertosanchezart.weebly.com/

Molly Whitt

I specialise in 3D modelling and texturing, I also dabble in 2D Digital Art and use it to fuel my 3D work. I enjoy a more stylised approach to animation and included those influences when I began my third year project. For the pre-production, I was inspired by some lo-fi music, and created the concept of a short film idea and character. I built a city street alongside a 3D character to encompass the scene. The initial premise of the short film was: "A girl is sitting at a bus stop in the rain after a bad day. When she listens to music, she is transported into a dream-like neon world around her. It's a showcase of the visual improvement of her mood". After Graduation, I'm moving onto doing my Masters degree, and after that being hired to pursue 3D modelling.

Portfolio and contact details: https://mollyewhitt.weebly.com/

Leonardo Winter

Howdy, I'm Leo and I specialise in character animation. I made a short cartoon for my final year which I hope you enjoy watching. My aim is to become a character animator creating children media.

Portfolio and contact details: https://leowinteranimation.weebly.com/